Chan Chi Kee

Chan Chi Kee (CCK) is a famous brand of Chinese professional kitchen knives in the world, special using for Chiuchow Cuisine and Cantonese Cuisine.
Chan Chi Kee offers: Kitchen Slicer, Kitchen Chopper, Kau Kong Chopper, Dim Sum Knife, BBQ Chopper, Bone Chopper, Vegetable Knife, Duck Slicer,Butcher's Knife, Butcher's Bone Chopper, Butcher's Knife, Scraping Knife, Chinese Cleaver.
Most of these knives are comes with wooden handles, steel handles, plastic handles. If you buy them for yourself or to run a restaurant, we strongly recommend using knives with wooden handles. You know, make Chinese foods and Western Foods are totally different, if you’d like to use knives with steel handles or plastic handles.

Please make sure you know that CCK's knives with steel handle and plastic handle couldn’t offer immediately shipping, sometimes knives with wooden handle too, we need about 7 days to prepare the knives for you.
All of knives in this category are 100% from Chan Chi Kee and made in Hong Hong.

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